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Residential Energy Audits and Thermal Imaging

Save Your Green By Going Green

All of us want to save money on our utility bill, but nearly every month we ask why the bill is so high.  The services provided by Gulf Coast Green Power during an Energy Audit and Thermal Imaging Survey will help pinpoint with accuracy areas that are contributing to higher utility bills.

Using an infrared camera, the thermographer can see behind your walls and pinpoint areas of concern.  An Energy Audit will find troubling issues and offer real solutions.  During an audit, Gulf Coast Green Power will look for missing insulation, wet or moisture spots, termite mounds, open envelopes, drafty doors and windows and more. You will get an electronic report emailed to you with pictures of the areas of concern and our Auditor will go over the report with you while still at your home.

The thermographer will conduct electrical scans, which may show electrical hot spots in electrical panels, light switches, outlets and any other wiring points of concern.  These hot spots may be a potential fire hazard in the works.

Have you ever wondered why the light switch flashes when turned off and on?

Have you ever wondered why there is so much dust in your home? 

Ever wondered why one room is hotter or colder than the rest?

Ever wondered why one toilet is so cold?

Taking the recommended steps toward solving these areas of concern will provide a lower utility bill, much better air quality, and a peace of mind that the electrical hot spots found have been corrected.

Gulf Coast Green Power will also educate you on small changes that will make a bigger difference in your utility bill.  During this we show exactly which electrical devices are costing you more money than necessary each month.  In addition to this report, we offer special website links and other information that keeps you posted on what’s new and available in order to continue saving your green by going green.

The investment cost of the Energy Audit and Thermal Imaging Survey will be returned through a lower utility bill.  Make the call today and set up an Energy Audit and Thermal Imaging Survey that puts an end to the guess work.  251-209-5678 or email us.

Cost for a 2 hour Energy Audit and Thermal Imaging Survey, including the review and an emailed report with some training tips is $299.

Special/for the month of January and February in the year of our Lord 2010

There is a discount of 15% for a net cost of $254.15


We are also available to meet with your church or civic group or club and offer advice on some of the ways to save on your utility bills.  Everyone will come away with our training tips that when regularly implemented will reduce their utility bill.


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