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Here are some informational statements and questions on why people purchase wind turbines.  It may help educate you on how the wind turbine works and how it could benefit you.  For the specs click on the brochure link on the Home page, but for a clear understanding  on how it will help your specifically read through below. 

This will help you decide if the investment is right for you. Sound fair enough?

First of all, you’re not spending your money when purchasing a wind turbine. 
    This is an investment. Not because of the amount of money involved.  It is because your initial investment is returned to you with interest that keeps coming and coming as your wind turbine continues to produce electricity for your home or business.

When you spend your money you can’t go back to the place you spent it and get a return of your money.  example; Can you go back to the table at the last restaurant and ask for your money back? No, you spent it.  That money is gone.

A hot tub, swimming pool and or landscaping depreciates in value and requires maintenance over time, although you may recover some of your value.  Again, what seems like an investment, really in the end, leaves you with less or none of your money.

Evaluate the investment of this wind turbine: Return of your initial investment, plus continues to turn a profit without any for seen maintenance.  Ever increasing value as energy cost goes up, technology efficiencies goes up ( this unit allows upgrades ) and it uses a natural resource that is free to all of us without harming the environment.

Okay, I was a Financial Advisor/Stock Broker and managed risk verses reward all the time.  

2.      Most of the people who are buying our wind turbines are buying because they rightfully think the electrical bills will continue to rise and want to take some control over their power bill.  They realize they are renting their power today, were renting yesterday and will be renting it again tomorrow unless they purchase their very own power plant/a wind turbine now.  Why rent when you can own your own power?  They are tied of paying that ever increasing power bill and wanting to take some control of it.

3.      Other people want to reduce the pollutant footprint on the world.  Now I don’t want to get into the whole global warming issue, just the fact that the electrical power plants are putting a larger amount of toxic pollutants into the air we breathe.  And if we can cut back on that pollutant then we can reduce diseases… Note this: another major natural resource needed to operate these electrical plants is water, which is in great demand inland.  You may not they realize most of the coal used in these plants comes from South America making us a dependant again by giving away our wealth at an alarming rate.  Soon we will not own ourselves if this and the debt and borrowing continues…  Don’t close your eyes to the reaility and truth of our days, please.  And blackouts are here and what about the economic loss associated.  And they want to do the power plant want to what?  Build more and more electrical power and make us more dependent!  Please say no to this…  Use less – re-use more.  Most people like the idea of producing clean energy and others want to be on the cutting edge of this technology and thinks the Skystream wind turbine looks cool and want something that will service some of their power needs at the same time.  We have at least two natural resource in the sun and the wind both or which are free and clean to us and it would be smart, very smart to invest in them now at this critical stage…  Are these some of reasons you are interested and why are you interested in wind power?    

4.      Okay, truth and reality.  Due to the wind source availability, a wind turbine is right for some properties while not right for others.  Do you think your property is windy? The wind turbine is good for residential and small businesses in windy situations.  I don’t like those wind maps, because they don’t take in consideration the specifics of your personal property.  The windiest seasons are winter, spring and fall, so electrical production is higher during these months.  This is a wind turbine and it needs a wind source, so if you have it then tap into your free natural resource like many around our country and purchase your very own power plant/ a wind turbine. 

5.      Get your electric bill and find out how many KWH are used on a monthly basis.     example; If the electric bill reflects KWH is 1,000. And the wind is blowing at an average of 12 mph the Sky Stream wind turbine will be generating 400 KWH of energy then the savings would be 40% of your KWH. Most people are saving between 20% -  60% off their power bill.  The pay back in the south can be as great a time period as 11 years – maybe sooner.  For the specs look on the home page under the brochure link.  To be frank, no matter what anyone says, even though with one, for the better or worse on the performance of this or any unit, that is just there opinion.  The specs from a third disinterested party after the inverter is the most reliable source and that is what you have with the Skystream 3.7 from Southwest Windpower  specs from the USDA-ARS Research Lab out of Bushland, TX.

6.      There is no regular maintenance schedule plan foreseen for 20 years or even after that, because it does not require any oiling or greasing or anything in the books calling for work to be done.  There are only three moving parts and nothing to wear out.  The blades, alternator and the yaw at the top of the tower that allows the turbine head to turn without spinning the wire within the tower. The alternator is slot-less, brushless and gearless.  If you believe your unit is not working properly, just communicate with it through the zigbee/skyview unit that comes with the new 2.02 units.  It allows you to monitor the wind speed, electrical voltage from the utility company on each line coming into the house, how much the electricity the wind turbine is producing and much more.  The zigbee/skyview allows you and or our service techs to communicate and upload information to the unit from the ground without taking the wind turbine down. 

7.      Yes, just like other software program upgrades, this wind turbine can accept uploads that make it more efficient, as new technologies come out.  Since its inception, the 3.7 Skystream wind turbine has had many upgrades through the wireless connection without ever taking the unit down.  This wind turbine was developed with this in mind.   I am not guarantying this just stating it here and hope it continues.

8.      The Wind Turbine blades are turned clockwise.  It is a down wind system without a tale, so when the unit is in your backyard and the wind is blowing toward your house then the blades will be facing your house and turning like a clock.  It also has a large wind window of opportunity unlike many other wind turbines.  Starting up at only 8mph and working up until 60mph to generate electricity for you.  The turbine is self contained and self monitoring, so nothing else is required, although, your utility company may require a disconnect switch and I must add, please read your owners manual and follow any and all recommendations from the manufacture. 

9.      The Skystream Wind Turbine comes in two ways an on-grid system or in a battery system option.  Most people don’t have or don’t want to invest right off in a battery bank, so they are opting for the on-grid system.  So, let’s talk about that system for awhile.  The power-generated by your wind turbine is being delivered directly to your power meter box via underground voltage lines.  The electrical needs of your house or business will always come from your Skystream wind turbine first then if more energy is needed it will come from the utility.  When the wind is not blowing the entire household power-needs come from the utility.  In times the wind turbine is producing more than the electrical needs of the home the power flows back into the utility grid and the power company sells it to your neighbors.  You get this as a credit or a check for the power you sold to the power company produced from your power plant.  Pretty cool, right?                                                     When the Utility Company looses its power the wind turbine cuts off within one second and will not produce any power until the power is back on from the utility.  This Protects the Utility lineman as they work to restore the power.       Now days, you can have an on-grid wind turbine system and a battery back system where when the power goes out and you still have power, where your transfer to the battery bank and live off the battery bank.  Differently, if you only have a generator system and a wind turbine, the wind turbine will see the electrical power is on, then will turn it self on and will work too and will throttle back the generator.  Of course, there needs to be a wind source and some electrical contingences in place.  We also sell a straight off-grid system where the wind turbine charges the batteries and you live off the battery bank charge.   

10.  What will it cost?                                                                                                       Skystream 3.7™, fully installed, costs approximately $16,000. - $18,000. but after the 30% Federal Tax Credit rebate the cost nets out about $11,200. - $12,600.    You maybe able to do some of the install yourself and save more if can dig the hole and trench.  Some of my customers are doing its in phases or stages and taking a year or so to get it paid for…  I will work with you anyway possible.

11.  There is a Federal tax credit rebate of 30%   This would be off the cost of the entire project.  The product and the installation cost. The Government wanted these wind turbines up in your yards and businesses so much that over four years ago they funded and put out a bid to the major wind turbine companies in America to develop a small wind turbine for this application.  Southwest Windpower won that bid and developed the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine.  Then the Government offered a Tax Credit Rebate towards the installation and product of wind products.  Only lately, has that been increased to an incredible uncapped 30% investment into your project.  Everyone really believes in this technology and it is a go, so let me know how I can help you.

Skystream up close


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